Canvas tools

You’ve got a handful of tools for working with visuals in the Canvas. You can access these tools by right-clicking on a visual in the canvas. Note that some options only appear for certain types of visuals.

GIF showing how to use select canvas tools in the Canvas


Tool Description
Select Layer Right-click and choose from the list to easily select a layer in the scene
Adjust layer order Right-click and choose to move your visual layer forward, backward, or to the front of back
Scale Click and drag a visual's corner to scale while maintaining the aspect ratio of the visual; drag from the side to fill the visual's container and not alter the proportions of the source media
Crop Double click on a image or video, or right-click and select Crop to enter crop mode. Hit Esc, or double click the layer again to exit crop mode when done.
Rotate Click and drag the outside of a visual’s corner to rotate the visual
Replace media

Right-click and replace the selected visual with media from your project files or stock media in the Media Library

Paste attributes Paste the properties of a visual onto another visual in a scene
Duplicate Duplicate the selected layer; you can also hold Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows) while dragging the layer to create a copy
Replace with... You can replace any layer with new media, swap the selected visual with another visual's position and properties in the active scene; for sequences, this tool allows you to swap the active video with any other video track in the sequence, or with the currently active speaker (if you select that option)
Delete layer Delete the visual from the scene


Cropping or flipping visual layers

When you select a visual layer in the Canvas, a floating toolbar will appear above the visual. You can then choose to Crop icon Crop and Flip horizontal icon Flip horizontal or Flip vertical icon Flip vertical.

Screenshot: Canvas with visual layer selected and red arrow and rectangle highlighting the hover toolbar.

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