Deleting vs ignoring script text

Deleting and ignoring text is how you edit video or audio content like a doc in Descript.

Delete script content

Delete will non-destructively remove both the script content and associated media. Just highlight a section of script, and press Mac: delete or Windows: backspace.

GIF showing deleting script in Descript


Ignoring script will also non-destructively edit your content but will strikethrough the text in your transcript instead of removing it. This is useful for seeing your edits in the script or if you think you might want to bring script media back into a composition later. To ignore text, highlight a section of script, and press Mac: Command + delete or Windows: Control + backspace.

GIF showing ignoring script in Descript

After ignoring a word or section in your script, you can hover over the ignored script and choose to restore it back into the script, or delete it.

Screenshot of ignored text with red rectangle highlighting the delete and restore options

Considerations for publishing or exporting content
  • Deleted script will not appear in an exported text file or published page.
  • Ignored text will appear in an exported transcription but will not appear in subtitles or published media.
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