Transcript correction wizard (beta)

For now, this feature can only detect errors in English transcripts.

The correction wizard helps you quickly identify potential errors in your transcript, and guides you through correcting them, so you can quickly get to an accurate transcript.

1. Detect transcription errors

Once you have a script in your project, open the Underlord panel on the right-hand side of the Script Editor and search for Detect transcription errors.


Once the correction wizard is finished scanning your script, you'll see words underlined in green. Those are the words the correction wizard has flagged as potential transcription errors.

Words highlighted in the script by the correction wizard

2. Review and make corrections

After running detect transcription errors, use the correction wizard to quickly review and edit the detected errors. Right-click on any of the detected errors—the green underlined words—in your script and select Start correction wizard.

Starting the correction wizard through the script

Descript will automatically playback the section in your project with the potential error; you can either make a correction or just press Continue to skip it. Keep going until you've reviewed all the detected transcription errors, or exit the correction wizard at any time and resume later.

Word suggestions

The correction wizard will even suggest corrections. Simply start the correction wizard and hover over the detected error. If there is a suggested correction, it will appear shortly after you hover over the word.

GIF showing the correction wizard's word suggestion feature

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