Composition overview

A composition is what you'll eventually publish or export from Descript. Every project has at least one composition, but you can create more for special purposes like rough drafts, social clips, or alternate cuts. 

Editing in a composition is non-destructive, meaning you can make changes to your media without permanently changing the source media.

Projects vs. compositions

A functional way to think about projects and compositions is to imagine a binder. Your project is the whole binder, and your compositions are the pages inside of it. When you duplicate or create a new composition, you’re just adding a new page to your binder.

To access the composition panel later, simply click on the down arrow next to your composition's name located next to your project's name in the editor's header. From here you can click the Snag_ab17b78.png ellipsis button next to a composition to open the composition menu. Alternatively, you can click + New composition to create a composition, or click Snag_ab5e9cf.png New folder to create a folder for organizing your compositions.

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