Descript's interface

Compositions have five main areas where you can interact with your media:

  • The Script editor is where you edit your media by editing text, correct and adjust your transcript, and add or correct audio with Overdub. You can also add comments and access your project search features from the Script editor.
  • The Canvas is where you can arrange and adjust the visuals of your scenes. This editing panel will not be visible for audio-only compositions
  • The Timeline shows your composition over time. Here you can make fine edits to your media and adjust the word alignment of your script.
  • The Properties panel allows you to view and adjust properties of almost everything you select in your project, including compositions, scenes, tracks and visuals.
  • The App bar is where you can add, shapes, and text to your composition and access the Media Library, recorder and templates. You can also publish or export your composition, provide project access to collaborators, and access settings and preferences.


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