Version history

Version history allows you to view and restore any previously saved versions of your project. You can view your project’s version history by opening a project and selecting Descript_D_icon.png > File > Version history in the top left corner. Your version history will be on the right side of the app.

Enable version history through D menu / File menu tree.

By default, you will see a condensed list of your project versions. To view all project versions, click  and select Show all revisions.

Show all revisions in settings menu.

Each revision row will contain the profile initials or photo of the user associated with the update, as well as the date when the update was made. Hovering over the profile bubble will pop open a window with the name and presence details of the user.

Show user details when hovering over profile bubble.

You can preview your project versions by clicking on one in the Version History panel. If you'd like to restore the selected version, click the Restore button at the top-right of the version item; or select return to latest revision in the top banner.

Restore selected version, or return to current version.

A confirmation window will appear letting you know about potential conflicts that could occur for other editing members. If you'd like to proceed, click Restore Version.

Confirmation window before Restore version.

Restoring a version affects all compositions in the project

Please note that when restoring a previous version, all compositions and files within a project will be affected, not just the composition you are working in. Especially when working with other collaborators on a project, you will want to assure you don’t inadvertently lose changes by restoring the old version.

Collaboration conflicts for a project version

Collaboration conflicts typically occur when one collaborator on a project cannot sync their local changes to the cloud for an extended period. Other users in the Project may continue making updates that are saved to the cloud, and over time the difference between the two collaborators’ versions may become significant.

If Descript cannot cleanly reconcile the differences between a cloud-saved revision and the local revision a user is attempting to merge, a message will appear indicating a collaboration conflict has occurred, and Descript will create a new revision with the conflicting changes. All users will want to review the new version against the previous version to determine which changes must be reconciled (if any), which can be done by copying out the previous version's changes to a new project.

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