Creating additional drives

Descript supports the capability of adding additional drives to your account, each with its own subscription. This is great if you have different projects that require independent billing or if you need to segment collaborators onto isolated drives.

Creating a new drive will add an additional subscription fee to your account.

To create a new drive:
  1. Sign in online or through the app.
  2. Select your current drive at the top of the sidebar and select + New drive from the dropdown menu.
  3. Fill out the drive and subscription details:
Drive name
If left blank, it will auto-fill in the name for you.
Your plan
Choose between a Creator or Pro subscription.
Billing cycle
Choose between monthly or annual.
Paid seats
Add paid seats if you need Editor members on your drive.
Transcription limit
Add additional monthly transcription hours beyond the base amount per subscription.
Payment information
Add a payment card on file if you haven’t already.
4. Select Create drive.

Paid seats

By default, a drive will have one paid seat for the drive owner. You can add additional paid seats if you plan on inviting editor members to your drive. You can always invite drive members after creating a drive.

Each additional Editor seat on a paid Drive adds an additional subscription charge to the Drive. Subscription charges are managed centrally by the drive owner, not by the members who are invited.

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