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Changing membership types

If you would like to change the membership type of a drive member:

  1. Visit https://web.descript.com/members or open the app; there are few ways to view the Members tab from within the app:
    • Select your profile in the top right corner; open Account settings, and select Members.


    • Select your drive in the top left corner and choose Members from the dropdown menu.


  1. Click in the ellipsis (...) button to the right of their member’s name.
  2. Select Change membership type.
  3. Change the drive member’s type to either basic or editor and select Change.

Billing considerations

  • If you switch a drive member from basic to editor, you will be charged for an additional seat unless you already have an unallocated drive seat.
  • If you switch a drive member from editor to basic, you will de-allocate one paid seat on your drive.
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