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Removing team members from a drive

The drive owner can remove drive members from the Members tab of your account settings.

Before removing a drive member
Make sure the drive member being removed transfers ownership of any projects they own on the team drive. Click here to learn how to transfer project ownership.

  1. Visit https://web.descript.com/members or open the app; there are a few ways to view the Members tab from within the app:
    • Select your profile in the top right corner; open your Account settings, and select Members.


    • Select your drive in the top left corner and choose Members from the drop down menu.


  2. Click Remove member on the ellipsis menu. You will be prompted to confirm the removal with additional details about removing a drive member.

How removing a drive member affects billing

Removing an editor member will create an unallocated seat on your drive that's available to use for the remainder of your billing cycle. When your billing cycle renews, your account will be charged based on the number of filled seats on your drive at that time.

How removing a drive member affects permissions

Once you remove a team member, they will immediately lose access to any projects they have not been explicitly shared on. Likewise, once you add a team member, they’ll have access to any projects shared with members of the drive.

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