Repurposing content for social media

Descript makes it easy to repurpose your video and audio content into social media clips. You can quickly duplicate selections from your original media, adjust the orientation of your video, and add visual elements like waveforms and progress bars.

To create social media videos in Descript, you must first import and transcribe your media into the app.

1. Select your clips

There are two ways to select the content you want to use for social media clips:

  • Duplicate to allows you to copy and paste sections of your script into a new or existing composition:
    1. Highlight a portion of your script.
    2. Right click and then hover over Duplicate to, then select New composition (you can also paste it onto the end of the current one).
    3. Open the composition where you duplicated your media.


  • Copy highlights allows you to copy any highlighted portion of your script and then paste the script and media into a new or existing composition. You can copy all the highlights or only the highlights in a single color:
    1. Highlight a portion of your script with the highlight tool.


    2. Select additional_editing_features.png in the to right corner of the script editor, hover over Copy highlights, and choose to copy a single highlight color or all highlights.
    3. Open an existing composition or create a new one.
    4. Right-click on your script editor and select Paste.

2. Set video aspect ratio and orientation

You can adjust your composition's aspect ratio, frame rate, and video resolution by selecting the box icon in the top left corner of the canvas.


3. Add visual media

Drag and drop a visual element from the Media Library Media_Library_icon_V50.png at the top of your editor, or from your local device, onto the desired scene in your Script Editor. You can also drag and drop media directly or onto the Canvas.

Add text and captions

  1. Click Text_icon.png in the top bar of the app.

    If you want to create captions, make sure to select Live text in the side panel.


  2. If you need the text to display across multiple scenes, select the text and extend it from your Timeline.


  3. Arrange the text in your video frame by clicking and dragging it around the Canvas.

  4. Customize the font, color, or size from the side panel.

Add dynamic waveforms & progress bars

  1. Click Shape_icon.png in the top bar of the app.
  2. If you need the waveform or progress bar to display across multiple scenes, select the text and extend it from your Timeline.


  3. Position the waveform or in your video frame by clicking and dragging it around the Canvas.
  4. Customize its properties from the side panel.

4. Share your finished social media video

Descript offers a variety of options for sharing your content:

  1. Select Publish in the top right corner of the Editor screen.
  2. Choose to export your content as a local file or publish it directly online.  

Bonus tip: Use templates

Templates are a great way to save time, especially when using the same visuals or format over multiple videos, or social clips. You can access Descript’s library of templates by clicking at the top of the app. You can also create custom templates.

For more on using and creating templates, check out our how-to guide on creating and using templates.

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