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Recording in Descript

You can record multitrack audio directly into a composition from your microphone, camera, computer audio, or a screen capture . You can also transcribe and edit as you record — without pausing the recording — and even apply Studio Sound, Descript’s non-destructive voice enhancement feature, while recording.

How to record in Descript

  1. Open or create a project and select or create the composition where you want to record.

    Recording in a new composition?

    If you're recording in a blank composition, press Start recording in the Script Editor and skip down to step 4.

  2. Place your cursor in the script where you want to insert your recording, or select a scene to record an overlay track within that scene.
  3. Open the in-app recorder by selecting Recorder_icon.png at the top of the app.
  4. Choose to record audio, video, or your screen in the recording panel.
  5. Select Recording_settings_icon.png and set up your recorder settings.
  6. Choose your audio and video inputs (including computer audio).
  7. Enable or disable Studio Sound and live transcription; to the right of your computer audio and individual mic inputs, select Version_history_icon.png and choose to enable or disable Studio Sound and live transcription. Keep in mind that you can always transcribe and apply Studio Sound afterwards. However, if you enable live transcription, you’ll be able to edit your Script in real time while you record.
  8. Add a speaker label to each audio input.
  9. Press the record button at the bottom of the recording panel to start recording. For screen recordings, you can select the portion of the screen you want to record, then press Start recording. To record your full screen, press the spacebar.
  10. Click the pause button (Mac only) in the recording dock to pause a video recording, or click Stop_button_icon.png at the top of the app to stop recording. 

Recording multiple audio inputs

If you are using an audio device that supports multiple audio inputs, you can add and remove inputs from the recorder panel. All audio or video inputs are always multitrack recorded and created as a sequence.

Bonus Tip: Descript’s Quick Recorder

The Quick Recorder is Descript’s stand alone recorder; it lets you create video or screen recordings without opening the app. The Quick Recorder does not record multi-track — it will create a single file for each recording. It can be accessed:

  • On Mac from by selecting Descript_D_icon.png in the menu bar at the top your screen.


  • On Windows from the notifications area in your taskbar at the bottom right corner of your screen.


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