Transcription is free with a Descript subscription.

Historically, we charged by the minute for transcription with great reluctance. We‘ve just never liked the idea of a metered creative tool. We only did it because we were charged by our transcription provider — and even then, we only charged enough to cover our costs.

Since starting Descript, we’ve expected that AI transcription would rapidly become more accurate, faster, and less expensive — and our costs have come down enough that we’re ready to do what we’ve always wanted: just include it for free in a Descript subscription.

Sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

For 99.9% of you, there is no catch.

By default, Producer accounts have transcription rate limit of 10 hours over a 30 day period. for teams, multiply that by the number of team members. So if you have 10 team members, your team has a shared default rate limit of 100 hours.

For the 0.1% of our users who run up against that limit, we make it easy to contact us and request an increase. We won’t charge you if you need a little extra to work through a transcription backlog or something like that. But if you’re looking to regularly transcribe hundreds of hours per month, we might charge a little extra so we don’t end up upside down.

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