Transcription is included with a Descript subscription.

Sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

For most of you, there is no catch.

By default, Producer accounts have transcription rate limit of 10 hours over a 30 day period. For Teams, multiply that by the number of team members. So if you have 10 team members, your team has a shared default rate limit of 100 hours.

If you run up against that rate limit, you can either contact us for a one-time increase of a few hours, or you can pay to increase the rate limit. We don't like to charge you if you need a little extra to work through a transcription backlog, but if you’re planning to regularly transcribe hundreds of hours per month, we still need to charge extra to cover the costs of our transcription provider.

Since starting Descript, we’ve expected that AI transcription would rapidly become more accurate, faster, and less expensive. As that happens, we intend to pass the saving along to you and get close and closer to truly unlimited transcription.

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