Sharing a Project

Here’s a new Project with a draft of a story I’m working on. Now I click share, and type in the email addresses of the people I want feedback from. I can give them editing access - but in this case I just want them to comment.

Every Descript Project has its own link that collaborators can use to listen and leave comments from a browser window.

Leaving Comments

Let’s do a split screen here - over on the right  is the desktop of Sophie, who I shared my project with. She’s going to open it in a browser and start listening. 

Leaving a comment is as simple as highlighting text and clicking the comment button.

Back on my screen, I can see the comments as they come in, and reply, or archive them when I no longer need them.

Now I’m going to make an edit in response to Sophie’s suggestion. Notice that whenever I make changes to my Project,  Descript automatically syncs changes to the Descript Cloud in the background - you don’t need to worry about managing files, we do all of that for you.

Version History

Finally, if you ever make a mistake, you can open version history, and restore an old version of your Project.

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