If you’re working on a story with hours of footage across dozens of files, Descript has some great tools for organizing your raw material and pulling out the best parts.


When you start with Descript, you create a Project. Each Project can have as many files as you want. So I’m going to take all of my raw material and drop it in to my Project.

A few minutes later, each of my files is transcribed in its own Composition. Descript automatically syncs my Project to the Cloud, so I can easily share it with collaborators, who can listen, leave comments, edit, and export.

Pulling Selects

Now I want to go through the tape and pull out the best parts. To do this, I’m going to create a new, blank Composition, and I’m going to call it Highlights.

Now as I’m listening, I can take my favorite parts, and copy them into that Composition. Compositions can mix and match audio from multiple files.

We have a couple of handy features that make it even faster to pull your best audio. The first is called “Clip to Composition.” First, select the audio you want to copy to your Highlights Composition. Click the paperclip icon, and select “Highlights” as the destination Composition. Your selection will automatically be pasted to the bottom. You can skip this dialog by pressing command + shift + C.

Copy Highlights

Another way you can quickly pull audio is by using highlights. Once you’ve highlighted the best passages, click on the menu next to the Composition name, and select Copy Highlights. Now I can create a new Composition and click paste.

If you use Descript’s multiple highlighter colors, you can choose which color you want to copy - this is nice if multiple people are making highlights, or you want to distinguish between different categories of content.

When you’re done, you can easily export your Session to Pro Tools or another editor, preserving all of the original files and edit marks.


Projects and Compositions are simple but powerful, and make it as easy to organize your material as it is to work with documents.

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