When you create a new Descript Project, you’ll see a screen inviting you to import an audio or video file; you can either drag-and-drop one in, or choose a file using the file picker. Once you've done this, you'll see a prompt asking which kind of transcription you'd like to use. 

You have three choices: Automated , White Glove , and Import Transcript .

Automated Transcription, demonstrated in the animation above, is Descript's super-fast and affordable transcription — generating a transcript with up to 95% accuracy in just a few short minutes.

White Glove is Descript's one-click solution to get human-powered transcription, for those mission-critical tasks when you don't have time to correct transcription errors.

Import Transcript lets you import an existing transcript that you got elsewhere and sync it with its corresponding audio, free of charge.

If you’d like to import and transcribe additional audio recordings in an existing Project, click the button at the top of the left sidebar that says + Add new... 

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