Descript for Windows is the fastest, most affordable, and most accurate speech transcription solution around. 

Transcription takes just a few minutes — with up to 95% accuracy. And for Descript subscribers, transcription costs 7 cents per minute (that's just $4.20 an hour!) 

Getting Started

First, download the app. You’ll be prompted to create an account — every new account comes with 30 minutes of free transcription, and you don’t need to enter a payment method to get started. 

Once you’ve logged in and opened the app, you’ll be welcomed by the Tutorial. This is a great way to learn the basics of Descript, and we highly encourage you to complete it (it takes just a few minutes). If you ever want to return to the Tutorial, you can always do so by going to Help  and then Open Tutorial Project .

Correcting your Transcript

Within just a few minutes of importing your audio, your automatically-generated transcript will appear. When you spot a transcription error, use your keyboard to correct the text, the same way you would with a normal word processor. 

You can hit the Play button at the top of the app to listen back to your audio, which is synced to the transcript — and be sure to experiment with Descript's powerful keyboard shortcuts

One of our favorites is Alt + Click , which will initiate audio playback from wherever you click in the transcript. You can also use the @  symbol to quickly add Speaker Labels and Markers.

The blue represents your audio playhead — using keyboard shortcuts, you can control both playback and correct your transcript simultaneously.

Transcription Accuracy

Descript's automated transcription — powered by Google Speech — is the most accurate in the industry. If you're working with a high-quality recording, you can expect transcription accuracy of up to 95% (and it takes just a few minutes!). 

That said you may find that accuracy drops if one or more of the following is true:

  • The people speaking are far away from the microphone
  • Your audio has a lot of background noise
  • The speakers have thick accents

Even if your automated transcript has more errors than you'd like, Descript makes it easy to correct your transcript: just navigate to the mis-transcribed word and type in the correct text, the way you would with a normal word processor.  If you're unsure what a speaker said, you can also 'punch in' to the transcript to quickly listen back to the underlying audio — no rewinding required.

Pricing Options

With a Descript Standard Subscription

Transcription costs 7 cents per minute — that's just $4.20 an hour.

You can also use Descript without a subscription
Non-subscribers pay 15 cents per minute of transcription, which is still a great deal. 

If you transcribe with any degree of regularity, it makes sense to sign up for a Descript Standard subscription. Right now it costs $10 a month for early-adopters — if you lock that in, we'll grandfather you at this rate when we raise it down the line. 

Earning more free minutes

Your new Descript account comes with 30 minutes of free transcription — and there's more where that came from. Descript's referral program makes it easy to earn free minutes: just invite a friend to join the service using your unique referral link and you'll both earn 100 free minutes when they sign up. 

You can keep inviting people — and racking up free minutes – with no limits.

To find your referral link, open Descript and navigate to your Project Browser (FileOpen Project Browser ). You'll see it in the center panel (just click on the link to copy it to your clipboard).

Language Support

Descript currently supports English. We get many requests to support other languages — and they're very much on our roadmap, so stay tuned!

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