Adding Speaker Labels

To add a Speaker Label, put your text cursor where you want the label to go, and:

  • From the menubar, click Insert > Speaker Label .
  • Use the keyboard shortcut:  ICommand + R on Mac, or  Ctrl + R on Windows.

If it's a label you haven't used before, just type the name and press "Return."

If you've already added speakers, they'll display in the list, and you can use the arrow keys and enter to select them. Descript will even intelligently order the labels, placing the next speaker at the top of the list.

Choosing a Different Speaker

If you'd ever like to swap one speaker label for another, that's easy: just click on the label and choose which to change it to.

Editing Speaker Labels

Want to add, delete, or merge multiple speaker labels at once? Head to the Edit Speakers menu (available via the @ panel or by clicking on any existing speaker label).

You can also rename speakers in this menu by simply clicking on a name and editing it as desired — your changes will be applied to all instances of that speaker label.

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