With one click, you can publish your Descript project to the web. 

This allows you to create an online interactive transcript, accessed from a link you can send to friends & colleagues. 

Collaborators who have the link can listen to, and leave comments on your project.

To publish your project to the web, 

Click on the Publish to the Web button in the upper right hand corner of your Descript project. 

In the popup that appears, click Publish and get link. Your project will be uploaded to the web 

Now, click on the link at the bottom of the "Publish to the Web" popup and a special link will be copied to your clipboard.

Share this link with friends & colleagues. Clicking on it will take them to a web version of your project, where they can listen to and leave comments on your transcript.

To listen to your project, collaborators just need to click anywhere in the script and click the playhead in the upper left of your document or press option + spacebar


To leave a comment on a project, just select the text you'd like to comment on, and tap the Comment  button that appears above it.

Now, type your comment in the comment box that appears on the right side of the text.

Any time someone comments on you project, you will receive an e-mail notification. 

You can reply by clicking on the comment in the text and typing your reply.

You can also reply by hovering over the Comment Box  on the right side of the text, clicking the Reply button below the comment, and typing your reply.

You can Archive comments by clicking on the comment and clicking the Archive button at the upper right of the comment window. 

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