If the state-of-the-art in automatic transcription won't cut it, upgrade to White Glove, and we'll have your audio hand-transcribed within one business day.

White Glove transcriptions cost $1 per minute of audio - and we deduct the cost of your automatic transcription, so you can always start there and see what you think.

How to get a White Glove transcription

First, transcribe your audio as you would normally.

Once you have an automatic transcription, open the file your Media Library. 

Once you're in the Transcript, find the White Glove button in the upper right of the document toolbar. It looks like one of those gloves that people wear when they hand-buff your car (I'm sure you know what we mean since you surely have your car hand-buffed all the time).

Clicking on this button will drop down the "Upgrade to White Glove" popup. Click on the Upgrade for button to upgrade your transcript.

Your corrected Transcript will be e-mailed to you within one business day.

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