You might already know that Descript's automatic transcription leads the industry in accuracy and speed. But for mission-critical tasks, when automatic transcription doesn't cut it, we also offer White Glove transcription.

With dozens of options for manual transcription, why would you choose Descript?

1. We're the cheapest: $1 a minute for one-day turnaround — no fine print.

Just about every manual transcription service advertises a low price per minute... and then you find out it's an extra 25¢ for timestamps, 25¢ for speaker labeling, and another 50¢ for 24-hour turnaround. Before you know it, you're paying double what you expected.

Descript's White Glove service only has one price: $1 per minute for one-day turnaround (which includes speaker labeling and timestamps). You'll have a hard time finding a better price.

2. Professional transcriptionists, premium results

Descript works with professional transcriptionists, whose accuracy meets (or surpasses) those employed by traditional transcription firms. 

We’re rigorous about monitoring our White Glove transcripts for quality. If you ever have an issue, let us know — we’ll redo your transcript at no additional charge.

3. Interactive transcripts paired with powerful tools

Conventional transcription services will email you a Microsoft Word document. Your White Glove project will arrive as a Descript Project, which means you get a fully interactive transcript in an environment built specifically for revising and editing transcripts. In other words, Descript gives you superpowers, including:

  • The audio is linked to the text, so you can hear what you're reading, on-demand.
  • Want to edit the audio? With a Descript document, you can edit your audio recording by editing its text transcript.
  • Share your interactive transcript to the Web with a single click, and send the link to others to collect Google Docs-style comments.
  • Export to Word, with timestamps at whatever frequency you'd like.
  • Export your transcript as subtitles/captions.

Here's how to get started creating your first White Glove Transcription.

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