Descript makes it easy to insert speaker labels without lifting your fingers from the keyboard.

To add a speaker label, move the cursor to the beginning of the text you’d like to attribute — then use your keyboard to type an @ symbol (Shift + 2) , followed by the name of the person you'd like to label.

For example, if I wanted to insert a speaker label for Samantha, I'd just type:@Samantha , followed by the Enter  key.

You'll notice that when you type an @, a pop-over window appears with several options:

  • Insert a label for a new speaker
  • Add a label for an existing speaker
  • Insert a Marker

You can use your mouse to select from these options, but it's faster to use the arrows on your keyboard — and faster still to just type the name of the person you're labeling. If you've already created a label for someone, Descript will auto-complete their name for subsequent labels as you begin typing their name

This article applies to Descript for Windows.
For help with Descript for Mac, click here.

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