Provided you have an internet connection, Descript for Windows will automatically save your work to the Cloud every time you make a change — there’s no need to manually save. Your work is saved to Descript Drive, the cloud-storage service built directly into Descript. 

You can verify that Descript has recently saved your work by moving your mouse over the Cloud icon in the upper-right corner of the app; a panel will appear indicating the last time the Project was successfully saved. 

If you notice that the Cloud icon has a small spinning circle icon like the one below, that means that the application is currently syncing your work to Descript Drive (there's no need to wait for it to finish — you can keep working). 

If you’d like to revert changes you’ve made and return to a previous version of the Project, you can do so using Version History.

Please note: Descript for Windows currently requires an internet connection to save. If for some reason you get disconnected while you’re working, Descript will wait until your connection is restored and will then sync your outstanding changes. However, if you close the application before the connection is restored — you may lose your changes.

This article applies to Descript for Windows.
For help with Descript for Mac, click here.

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